Cycling the Outer Hebrides

On the road to Huisnis, Harris, Outer Hebrides
Next Friday, writesofway is off to cycle the length of the Outer Hebrides, from Barra to the Butt of Lewis (c. 160 miles) with the Lovely Fiona. We’ve done something similar before, though we didn’t include Lewis on that occasion and enjoyed a more leisurely, circuitous route.

This time, however, our journey will be freighted with a greater sense of purpose as Fiona has organised the ride to raise sponsorship for research into ovarian cancer, in memory of her friend Maureen Devlin, who died last year. Writesofway will be along to keep Fiona company and make sure she gets a cup of tea delivered to her sleeping bag each morning.

The weather is unlikely to look like it does in the picture above; we’re expecting it to look a bit more like this:

Whatever, the weather throws at us, I think it will be a good opportunity for Fiona to do something concrete in the face of that particular sense of powerlessness all of us feel when we lose friends and loved ones, whatever the circumstances.

For further information, you can visit Fiona’s website.

I’ll post an account upon our return. Go Fifi, go!

The road to Husinis


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    • Thanks James, it’s best to set off with expectations not too high on the weather front when visiting the Outer Hebrides, then enjoy any fine weather interludes as a bonus. But, hang on, looks like I’ve received an official endorsement from Alex at blueskyscotland so obviously it’s going to be sunshine all the way with a tail-wind to boot!

  1. Thanks Alex, I won’t mind the wind so long as it’s always behind us! I’ll look forward to reading about your trip to Canna then – an island i’ll be visiting for sure before 2011 arrives – and I’ll be looking for some inspiration for the same.

    • Hello Martin, thanks for the positive sunshine vibes! Apparently 8636 metres of ‘undulations’ on the road from Schruns to Riva; you’ll have calves like cannonballs. Have a great trip and may the road rise with you.

  2. Wishing you both a good and rewarding journey, particularly in light of its purpose. Bravo to Fiona for organising a positive and useful occasion after the awful loss of her friend. My admiration and best wishes to you both on the road…

    • Hello Julian, in truth I’m sure we’ll both enjoy the journey; it’s a wonderful part of the world. It’s quite a tough ride, but it won’t be like undertaking a medieaval pilgrimage. However, I think the purpose is clear in our minds and Fiona will be carrying thoughts of Maureen with her all the way to Stornoway.

    • Ha! Owing to a number of writing deadlines, jams orders and blazing, mid-day heat bird surveys, Notes is on a minor hiatus. I’ve never figured out how some people can post every few days. I’m knackered just thinking about it…but thanks for the enthusiasm!

      • You need to sort your priorities out Hoff. You’ve a dedicated reading public out there. Don’t imagine you can start writing a blog and then say ‘Oh, I have to make a large consignment of Prespa Lakes wild berry jam, I’ll have to put the blog on hold’. No, my friend, once started a blog such as yours is a Faustian pact from which there’s no escape…

      • It’s worth a try. Perhaps if you included acase of Prespa Lakes single malt whisky that might sway things. No promises though.

  3. Enjoy yourselves and I hope the weather holds out. I can highly recommend the west aide of North Uist and the Golden Road up the east side of South Harris which is a lot more interesting than the west side – just more sandy beaches! Skoon Arts Cafe is the ultimate cake stop.

    • Thanks Richard. A question: do you know how feasible it is to cycle along the Heritage Trail on the east coast of Lewis from south of Adabroc to Tolsta? We’re taking mountain bikes and carrying panniers.

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