A terrible fate…

…awaits those who go wandering on Blacklorg Hill.


6 responses

  1. Is that what happens to those who dare to pitch a tent on that very inviting looking bit of grass on the other side of the fence?

  2. Very probably James. We walked up from Polskeoch bothy to the top of Black Crag on Saturday – just north of Cairnsmore of Carsphairn and Windy Standard. The fence right-angled with another fence right ontop of the summit cairn of Blacklorg, it was freshly erected with no stile in place. Not very helpful, but I suppose the custodians of the countryside aren’t obliged to assist us grinning idiots in our progress across their land. Bless ’em.

  3. An area that is great to get away from it all, I have a backpack planned there taking in Polskeoch bothy. What is it like these days, is it the hang out of idiots or a nice cosy refuge? (I know there is no fire).

    Look forward to the write up!

    • The last time we were at Polskeoch, four years ago, it was a kitsch palace full of tacky ornaments, but clean and tidy. We had a nosey on Saturday and the tacky stuff has all been culled. It was clean enough, but a bit forlorn looking. Polskeoch doesn’t seem to attract the neds, probably because it’s a long way to drive to. Sadly, we read an article in the local Glencairn Gazette saying that the MBA have given up on Backhill of the Bush bothy because it’s become the haunt of ‘drug and booze-fuelled’ undesirables arriving on quad bikes and trials bikes and scaring off bona fide users in the middle of the night. The place has been trashed apparently. Very sad and really bloody annoying.

      I’m sure Polskeoch will be alright. The walk to or from Sanquhar on the SUW is grand. The whole area around Scaur Water is very lovely indeed. Andy Goldsworthy does a lot of his ephemeral stuff around there. Don’t think I’ll do a write up on this one though.

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