South Downs mountain biking guide book

Neil at Cicerone has just sent me the provisional cover image of the impending guide to mountain biking on the South Downs, which I spent much of the summer and autumn researching and writing. The guide should hit the shelves in early April. This is very exciting for me, so I thought I’d share my glee with you too, dear readers. Both of you.

Anyway, for anyone who is interested in acquiring a copy of what will be the definitive guide to mountain biking on the South Downs, packed full of 26 excellent routes accompanied by loads of colour photies, Ordnance Survey route maps and route profiles, then click on the link in the side bar to pre-order a copy.

Most of the pictures in the book feature my excellent friends Andy and Jen, however, the lovely ladies adorning the cover were complete strangers who rather gamely agreed to ‘pose’ for some pics. If by chance said ladies become aware of their presence on the cover, then get in touch and I will supply you each with a free copy of the guide on publication.


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  1. Nice one Pete, book number two under the belt now, so when is the third? There is a fair chance that I will never visit the south downs and I dont own a MTB, but if I ever combine the two I know just the book!

    This is James btw, logged on at work so showing our work blog as the author, can’t be bothered to log out and log back in as me.

    • Hello, faithful James. Thanks. Well, the third book will probably be published in spring 2012. Now I wanted to talk to you about that, so lets convene by email.

    • Hey Hoff! Thanks, that’s very kind of you. I’ll have some posts up about walking in Transylvania over the coming days, so I hope you’ll enjoy those. Much love to you and Joules. Tweet xx

  2. Spring 2012 apparently. I’ve only got Skye to ride and write up – but I’m slotted into the production schedule next Sept. Kind of suits me fine as we’ve got the house to finish and get going.

    BTW I’m thinking the fast rib ferry is going end up going to the wall as I doubt it will get the funding it needs to be viable. The Tobermory – Drimnin – Laga ferry has already lost out. It’s buggering up my routes something wicked.

    You’ll have to come and stay once we’re open.

    • Excellent news, Richard. Did Cicerone sort out the CalMac situation vis-a-vis Walking on Harris and Lewis?

      We’ll definitely pop in for a visit at Barret Mansions when you’re open. Want to try out a few of the routes in WHL in the not too distant future.

  3. Glad to hear that the third book is in the pipeline, although I am not sure what the demand is going to be for ‘Naked backpacking for the over 50’s’ however once you have identified a niche market you can dominate the market.

    • I see that a long day at work can agitate your old cheeky gland somewhat, James. Unfortunately, the conflation of ‘niches’ and ‘naked backpacking’ conjures some rather challenging images. Being at the tender age of 44, I fail to see why you might imagine that guidebooks aimed at the over-50s should be a market I might wish to corner.

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