A landscape without figures

Great title, eh? Not mine though unfortunately. Rum: A Landscape Without Figures is the full title of John Love’s wonderful natural, social and cultural history of the isle of Rum, which I’d recommend to anyone visiting the island. Mr Love lived on the island for some years, during which time he oversaw the pioneering reintroduction of the sea eagle to Scotland. Watch this lovely clip from back in the day, if you like that sort of thing.

Myself and the Lovely Fiona have just spent a week on Rum. It was an entirely fabulous experience, which I will provide a full account of over the coming days. I thought I’d titivate you in advance with a couple of pictures, much in the same way that James at Backpackingbongos does. I like the way he sets up a forthcoming post like that sometimes, so I thought I’d steal yet another of his great ideas.

What a fantastic place though.


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  1. Consider me titivated Pete! Can’t wait to read more. You got me longing for Jura, maybe you will start a Rum addiction too?

    Not that keen on Bacardi though……….

    • Hello again David, I’ll have a shufti at the Coast link tomorrow am. Looks interesting, though probably not the same without collar length hair and canned vegetables.

    • Hello Hoff, I think Wenger could do worse than getting a couple of sea eagles to bolster central defence during the summer transfer window…

      • Yes, a team of sea-eagles might have been less likely to be the first Premiership side to squander a four goal lead…

        Joules just watched the footage and there was a deep intake of air with the first heave of wings. And slightly watery eyes, it must be said.

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