South Downs mountain-biking guidebook – free route

Those lovely people at Cicerone Press are giving away a free sample route from the forthcoming guidebook Mountain Biking on the South Downs – which will hit the shelves on May 15th. If mountain biking is your thing, visit the Cicerone website for your free pdf route file.

The route in question is a fantastic loop around the Iron Age hill forts of Cissbury Ring and Chanctonbury Ring, taking in some tough climbs and exhilirating descents on chalk and flint bridleways amid the sublime Downland landscape above Worthing.


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  1. Not my thang but well done in getting it published yopung man. Those grassy hills look like a perfect spot for some nice wind turbines though? That would add a special something that they are currently lacking.

    • I certainly will remember my impoverished web friends, Bob, but actually writing guidebooks costs much more in time and travel than you’re ever likely to make. Unless it’s a real bestseller. I reckon that once I’ve knocked out five or six of the blighters, it might generate a steady trickle of supplementary income. Donations welcome!

  2. well done sir, its a nice enough part of the world. doubt yr retiring quite yet, but hope u manage to turn the trickle into a stream that sees u right in yr dotage ;p

  3. really enjoyed the Jura pdf article in your sidebar as well – coupled with king crimson in heavy rotation on the stereo today, it makes for a muscular read! Recommended

    • Aha! King Crimson eh? Don’t let James at BBB know, but I had a big phase on Discipline and Beat back in 1981-83 or thereabouts. Don’t really like the older noodley-doodely stuff mind…

  4. Hey. I bought your book and wondered whether you had gpx routes so that I don’t have to create them myself or have to keep getting the book out

    • Hello Ed. No gpx routes as yet, I’m afraid. We’re looking at options though. Once you’ve ridden a route a couple of times it should become familiar; three or four times and you’ll be adding your own improvements! I’d be glad to hear any of your thoughts on routes from the book you’ve ridden.

      All the best


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