Rum stag do…

Just back from a great week of walking, bothying and camping on the isle of Rum; here’s a few of my favourite snaps from the trip:

No time to do a write-up now as life is very busy; I’m marrying The Lovely Fiona next Saturday. So this trip was really my ‘stag do’; if slightly unconventional. I went to Rum with two blokes I’d never met – the very excellent James Boulter and Rich Baldwin – we had no booze and there’s not a single lamp post on the entire island which they could’ve handcuffed me to, should the urge have arisen. However, we did have a ‘wild’ time and here’s the boys at the height of the festivities:

More to follow once the dust settles…


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  1. Indeed we did have a ‘wild’ time in a slightly unconventional sense. A great week it was too. Have a splendid time next weekend and I look forward to the write up when you return.

  2. Three boys, cut off on an island, all alone with just each other for warmth…. Why are Rich’s flies undone? (Just an observation, you understand… nothing for the Lovely Fiona to worry about… I am sure…)
    Good luck next week Pete.

  3. Thanks very much chaps; you’ll be glad to know that the day after our wedding I’ll be leading a short walk on the South Downs to clear the collective cobwebs…

    Alan, you have an unusual eye for detail. Begs the question as to why you were scrutinising the environs of Rich’s gentlemen’s rod in the first place…

  4. It seems all that stumbling, slipping into burns, deliberately swimming in ponds served Fiona to present herself to you in the ways women are using since ages to switch off reason in a man´s brain: nude, drops of water on silky skin..(not to speak of the effects of cold air on female protuberances) So stop flinging her across or into the waters, Pete. She will undress for you anyway.. Best wishes for you both – tell The Lovely Fiona she is lovely. Have a great wedding dinner (with tons of tuna fandango, I´m sure) and a good life.

    • Phew! Steady on, Wilhelm, there’s a good chap – this is a family blog after all. I know that German people will use any excuse to run around in the outdoors naked except for a pair of Birkenstocks, but here in Blighty we like to keep ladies’ ‘protruberances’ under wraps unless of course they’re ‘modelling’ in one of our charming ‘news’papers.

      Thanks for your kind words, I’ve passed on your compliments to TLF, who will soon become Mrs WoW. No tuna fandango on the day I’m afraid – it’s goig to be a vegetarian smorgasbord! We know lots of veggies so it’s easier that way…

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