All Quiet on the West End Front

Our corner of the West End of Glasgow that is. Or so it may seem. I noticed today that it’s a whole month since my last post, how time flies. We have actually been out for walkies a few times, but I’ve been too busy/knackered/not sufficiently arsed to write any posts about said walks. I had thought ‘hmm, better write this up’ and then I thought ‘whoaah, hang on a minute, surely this should be something I enjoy, ne c’est pas?’ So I decided on a moratorium or blog-holiday until I’m good and ready to get back in the groove. I know both of you will be slightly disappointed, but that’s the way it is.

The truth is I’ve had rather more paid employment than a feckless freelance painter and decorator usually counts on during the winter months; I’m not complaining mind. Then I’ve had the galley proofs for the impending Walking on Rum and the Small Isles guide to deal with and finally the final proofs were handed to me by Jim – our friendly postman – this morning. Every morning Dougal whips himself into a frenzy of lupine barking at Jim’s approach only to roll over at his feet, tail wagging frantically, paws in the air. He loves Jim, but every morning he has to go through this ferocious guard dog nonsense. I was a postman once, but best not say anything to Dougal, eh?

Anyway, that’s the proofs in the pic above on my desk, er, the kitchen table, which I’m meticulously working my way through for any stray wild innacuracies and typos. The eagle-eyed among you might spot a famous blogateer in one of the pics. First correct answer wins you the remaining two inches in that bottle of Aberlour on the desk, er, table. The even more eagle-eyed might notice several maps of the Outer Hebs on my desk, er,  table; that my friends is because we’re off on a three week jolly around those very islands and Skye to boot in about ten days time. Lucky us. I will write some posts upon our return.

Erm, I’ve just noticed that said blogateer is completely unrecognisable in the picture even when it’s zoomed, so here’s another slightly sharper pic:


22 responses

  1. Need that Rum book now – get on with it man 🙂

    Always wanted to take a Hebrides trip, ferry up north, drive/ferry the length, take in a few hills and some kayak surfing on the beaches and back to Oban

    Used to have mail with a bonus couple of hole punches in it when I had a dog

    • Ah! Mr Jones, hopefully I’ll be able to supply you with ample evidence of exactly why that trip is a very good idea when we get back from the Ooter Hebs…

    • Erm, nope. It will get drunk though. Possibly this very evening. However, I know where the whisky shop is so I’ll go get another in time for spring bank holiday. Er, when is that? I know you teachers have these dates carved into your cerebral cortex…

  2. Wow that is one handsome blogateer who even from a photo I can see is full of charisma and wit.

    I hope that you enjoy the three weeks in the Hebs Petey boy. When you get back remember there is an even more fun filled trip into the hills to look forward to.

    • Yes, I think the relevant sentence says something like ‘ It would be unwise to tackle the wild and remote coastline of Rum without taking your own Bongometer along in case of emergencies and inclement weather…’

    • Howdy Warren, 30’c and cloudless skies is not a scenario we’re anticipating in the Outer Hebs! I look forward to the next installment of ‘Sportswool’ just to provide a bit of a contrast…

    • Hot tea, Young David, hot tea! Warm tea is no use to man nor beast (thinks: does Dougal actually drink tea?). Yes, upon our return, a walk would be good. Hope all’s well with you over there in the east…

    • Hello Martin, book is out in June. The blogger in question is a bit of an international man of mystery, changes his appearance on a regular basis – one of his cunning disguises involves velcro-ing a Manfur TM beard to his visog – as in the picture…

    • Just keep on doing what you do Bob and someone is bound to arrive at your site by accident and then accidently click the subscribe button. i assume that’s what my other ‘follower’ (have i become the uncharismatic leader of a bizarre and not popular sect?)did, perhaps your subscription was an accident too?

  3. Somehow my subscription service popped this post in the spam box, which really doesn’t seem fair. Maybe upon seeing the mention of Aberlour it suspected you were trying to sell me something. Anyways, good to see the galleys (and the whisky…)! Enjoy the island journey and looking forward to you feeling arsed enough to write about it!

    • Hello Konrad, yes, very quiet despite a wealth of recent walking trips to write about. Therein is part of the problem, I’ve been busy out walking and working too; I was beginning to feel slightly oppressed by the self-imposed obligation to write posts and this has developed into something of an allergy! Thanks for your concern, I may ressurect the blog at a later point…

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