The mighty Paps of Jura

P1020030I’ve always found the lack of an apostrophe slightly remiss


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  1. I avert my eyes every time I pass it, Pete ;-). Although IMO missing apostrophe’s are preferable to apostrophe’s which appear where they don’t belong!

  2. Hello Dave, you wouldn’t want any stray apostrophes on the Pap’s Walk, for example…
    I can’t remember if I’d emailed you to say that we enjoyed ‘A Jura Journey’ in Bus Pass Britain; best in the book – along with ‘Next Stop St Kilda’, of course.

    • Hello Archie, thanks for your continuing enthusiasm! The northern hills walk is indeed excellent, but not for the faint-hearted; I’m sure you’ll enjoy it for the challenge. It’s rough, tough and boggy, but also very beautiful – try to bag a day with reasonable visibility as the views are marvellous. We’re off to Ruantallain on Monday for a few days, I may write a post…

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