A Ruantallain retreat

Ruantallain 2

On Monday afternoon we scrambled out of Duncan’s dinghy onto slippery rocks in a downpour, watched by a pair of common seals. For the next few days we went for walks, gleaned driftwood, watched white-tailed and golden eagles and sheltered from the weather in the estate bothy. Gale force winds, snow, sleet, rain and sunshine in an ever-changing meteorological merry-go-round. Here’s a few more pictures.

Raised beach 1

Sea and sky

Ruantallain bothy 2

Dike 3

Rainberg Mor 1

Shian Bay 3

Bagh Gleann Righ Mor 4


8 responses

    • Is there anything you’ve not done in your remarkable life, young Warren? Actually, you must be about 117 years old given all that you’ve been getting up to in your multi-faceted ‘career’!

      • Pete – unemployable now my friend. The Glen as you go through Glen Nevis end towards the steel rope bridge and the bothy there counts as one of my top places on earth with the view back to the shoulder of Ben Nevis. Good to have news of the writesofway once more.

    • Hello Andy, thanks for popping by. Been hiding out in the isles and behind my desk writing a guidebook to the former. More details: Ruantallain is on the west coast of Jura!

    • Hello Dave

      We’re off to Barnhill at the end of June. Of the many trips made to Jura over the last eight years, I’ve only visited in summer once before – Skin So Soft and tick fork at the ready…

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