Haste me back

Iona 17

We spent the last week on Mull, with trips to Ulva and Iona to boot. I’d never been before and now, inevitably, I can’t wait to go back. Here’s a few pics from walks we enjoyed among the islands’ magnificent and diverse landscapes:

Corra-bheinn 2

Corra-bheinn 1

Beinn Talaidh 1

Ben More 3

Ben More 4

Carsaig Arches 2

Carsaig Arches 8

Carsaig Arches 15

Carsaig Arches 13

Iona 19


6 responses

  1. It is madness that you had never visited Mull before Pete, there is a lifetime of exploring there. A perfect island for the Bongo too!

    Did you get to the fossil tree? I fancied that and the Carsaig arches but my hound is a hindrance. I do fancy a trip to Ulva, I think that there is a wee bothy there that you can rent from the estate.

  2. Hello JB, didn’t get to the Fossil Tree but managed to poke our noses in many other nooks and crannies. There is a bothy on Ulva, but it’s locked and, I believe, for exclusive use of the estate. I may be wrong. There is a bothy you can rent on Ulva’s twin, Gometra, which is about two yards west of the former! You can also stay for free if it’s not booked up, hence perfect for autumn, winter, or very early spring I’d say.

  3. Ulva is a gem – I think I could stay for quite a day or two – very small, but perfect. The ferry guy is a picture if still the same – he took us out to Staffa, which has to be on your list. Great photos Pete. I think you can use the bothy.

  4. My only visit to Mull was a wet one, it sledged it down and the cloud base was about 100 feet the whole time 😦

    I’d love to back , that waterfall looks absolutely magnificent

  5. Hello Andy, we did have a fair amount of wind and rain while we were there, including some ferocious gusts that nearly blew me to a rocky demise from atop the first of the Carsaig Arches. I was actually terrified for a wee moment!
    It’s a shame to make the long journey and have crap weather though; we’ve got the advantage of proximity here, which helps.

    Haste ye back!

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