St John’s water dog

Corpach Bay 5

Here’s Dougal cooling his boots on a recent trip


He’s very accomplished at doggy paddle


9 responses

  1. Looking at the clarity of the water on the 2nd photo you either went to the Caribbean or the Hebs?

    Reuben is taking me to the Hebs in the Bongo next week, which will be very nice indeed.

  2. We are off for our first visit to Harris and Lewis. Somewhere I have wanted to go to for years now. Going to stick to North Harris and southern Lewis on this trip. So much to explore, so little time………

    What can we do for Mr Edwards?

    • We did join him briefly. Very briefly in my case – about 36 seconds in fact. Still quite fresh in the Hebs at the end of April…

  3. Dougal loves cyclists, but they don’t always understand that his motives for chasing them are borne out of pure affection. That said, he only ever chases cyclists who are cycling speedily through the park, in which case he is permitted to chase them with impunity!

  4. Hey Andy! How’s it going? That dog really is enjoying him/herself. I feel I ought to build a similarly rococo water feature in our back garden for Dougal. Seriously, it looks like something Liberace might have had out the back. Erm. So to speak.

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