The Hebrides

705_FCMuch excitement chez WoW today as the (provisional) cover for the forthcoming (April 2015) The Hebrides guidebook is up on my author page at the Cicerone website. As it says on the cover the guidebook includes 50 day and backpacking routes throughout the Hebrides. The cover picture was taken on Oronsay – Colonsay’s tide-separated sibling – in June this year and features TLF walking on Traigh Uamha Seilbhe with the mighty Paps of Jura across the Firth of Lorn. Here’s the original of the cover pic and a couple more pics from the walk on Oronsay:

004Seal Cottage 7064062Paps 1South Colonsay 7Strand 1


10 responses

  1. Stunning scenery. I shall be after a copy of the book when it comes out. Is that an outsized football by the bothy or a giant pumpkin?

    • It’s actually a 185 kilo Malteser… One of them big old iron floats, maybe an old marker buoy or mooring float. I hope you enjoy the book, there’s an awful lot of walking gone into it! Cheers

  2. Hello Mr Sanders! Thanks for your good wishes. Yes, now is the time to be publishing a guidebook to the region; Harris was recently voted ‘Best’ island in Europe or somesuch by Tripadvisor, hence visitor numbers have gone through the roof.

    • Hello HebDick

      Thanks, it’s grand, eh? Don’t know about the layout as still on edit. This is one of them there medium format ‘inspirational’ guidebooks so I don’t know if changes are afoot in that department also. How’s the research coming on for the Lakes cycling book?

  3. Hey Andy, thanks for that. When you’re next heading to the Hebs give me a shout! I thought my 185 kilo malteser riposte was far superior to Mark’s pumpkin!

    • Hello Mike

      Thanks very much for your kind words, it means a lot. I’m assuming that you’re Grimsay Mike of ‘The Uists and Barra’ fame;how’s it all going, any more books afoot?


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