The Hebrides

705_FCMuch excitement chez WoW today as the (provisional) cover for the forthcoming (April 2015) The Hebrides guidebook is up on my author page at the Cicerone website. As it says on the cover the guidebook includes 50 day and backpacking routes throughout the Hebrides. The cover picture was taken on Oronsay – Colonsay’s tide-separated sibling – in June this year and features TLF walking on Traigh Uamha Seilbhe with the mighty Paps of Jura across the Firth of Lorn. Here’s the original of the cover pic and a couple more pics from the walk on Oronsay:

004Seal Cottage 7064062Paps 1South Colonsay 7Strand 1


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  1. Stunning scenery. I shall be after a copy of the book when it comes out. Is that an outsized football by the bothy or a giant pumpkin?

    • It’s actually a 185 kilo Malteser… One of them big old iron floats, maybe an old marker buoy or mooring float. I hope you enjoy the book, there’s an awful lot of walking gone into it! Cheers

  2. Hello Mr Sanders! Thanks for your good wishes. Yes, now is the time to be publishing a guidebook to the region; Harris was recently voted ‘Best’ island in Europe or somesuch by Tripadvisor, hence visitor numbers have gone through the roof.

    • Hello HebDick

      Thanks, it’s grand, eh? Don’t know about the layout as still on edit. This is one of them there medium format ‘inspirational’ guidebooks so I don’t know if changes are afoot in that department also. How’s the research coming on for the Lakes cycling book?

  3. Hey Andy, thanks for that. When you’re next heading to the Hebs give me a shout! I thought my 185 kilo malteser riposte was far superior to Mark’s pumpkin!

    • Hello Mike

      Thanks very much for your kind words, it means a lot. I’m assuming that you’re Grimsay Mike of ‘The Uists and Barra’ fame;how’s it all going, any more books afoot?


      • Just picked this up! All well here, thanks. No books on the go at the moment, but still enjoying the hills. We’ve had a spell of good weather recently. You writing any more guides yourself? M

  4. Hi. I have two questions. Would be great if you could help me out. First, any experience with adders in isle of jura (especially in May)? Second, I hear wild camping in outer hebrides can be a bit difficult as it is not looked upon very well there and much is farm land. In your book there also also no multiple day tours there. Any insights? Best regards. Andre

    • Hello Andre

      Thanks for your comment. Yes I do have experience of adders on Jura; I’ve encountered quite a few during the summer months. I’ve never experienced any problems; if you disturb them they will try to get away. My only concern is with my dogs as of course they are curious and might sniff at an adder, which might well bite them on the muzzle or leg. Happily this has never happened! Will you have a dog with you?

      There seem to be more about later in the summer, but it is possible that you might see some in May. They are unlikely to cause you any problems unless you try to pick them up or accidentally sit on one; so, look before sitting down! I would suggest carrying anti-histamines with you; if you are bitten anti-histamines will help to arrest the spread of venom.

      Wild camping isn’t a problem in the Outer Hebrides just so long as you don’t pitch your tent on someones crofting land – at least not without asking first. It’s common sense really: don’t pitch on any fenced-in areas of farm or croft land,; if in doubt ask. People are approachable. Also, there is plenty of scope for wild camping away from farm/croft land. There are plenty of beaches, dunes and machair along the coast and hill country as well.

      i would take issue with your claim that in the Hebrides book there are ‘no multiple day tours there’ – I assume you mean the Outer Hebrides? In fact there is one on South Uist, one on Harris and one on Lewis. Also there is plenty of potential for other multi-day walks in the region.

      If you’ve any other questions then I’m happy to help.

      • Hey Peter. Thanks so much for your quick response. I won’t bring a dog. So yea, I think then I’ll be fine. Regarding wild camping in the outer hebrides, of course I would not camp within a fenced area, but I was told and also when I look on google maps, it looks like at least South Uist and North Uist on the west coat is pretty much all farm land. Basically, I want to go to the Outer Hebrides and just walk a full round on the islands, either on the Uists or on Harris and Lewis. Should walking around along the coasts and camping on suitable ground work out fine?

  5. Hello Andre

    If you’re looking to walk for several days I can recommend an excellent coast and mountain route on Harris with superb wild camping opportunities. Rough terrain and pathless in places, but nothing too difficult…

    If you’d like to discuss further then email me directly at

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