Wintering out

Islay 12-1

Along with autumn, spring and summer, winter is one of my favourite seasons.

Of late in the WoW household we’ve been hunkered down, hatching plots and not getting out as much as we’d like. However, the opportunity arose and was swiftly taken to decamp to Islay for a short week (one up from a long weekend) and we’ve been out and about on the Queen of the Hebrides’ Atlantic coast enjoying the bracing weather. Here’s a few more pics:

Islay 1-1

Islay 4-1

Islay 5-1

Islay 11-1

Islay 13-1

Islay 14-1

Islay 18-1

Islay 20-1


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      • Good on you Big Yin! It would be great to keep this area as is, for future generations. Thanks for the great guide books as well, a lot of work must have gone into writting them! Cheers. Scotty.

    • Hello Scotty, thanks for your kind words. Corpach Bay and Am Miadar is my favourite place on the planet, I can’t think of a worse place to site a fish farm. We have a large one next to us in Loch Seaforth, Harris and I’m all to aware of the impact…



      • Yes, it is one of my favourite camping spots too. I stay in Lochgilphead and am surrounded by fish farms as well. It brings employment to the local area, but there are places where fish farms are just not suitable as you well know. But all this is even more galling when you consider that Kames Fish Farming Limited have a director, a Mr Gully, who has mutual business intrests in a company called Aardvark Safaris, who offer many types of safaris including ‘Walking safaris’- a quote from their website:
        ‘Walking is a perfect way to explore Africa’s great wilderness regions, getting to know its rugged topography and plant life, spotting colourful birds and slowing down to the pace of the natural world. ‘
        All this can be yours Mr Edwards for between £4,500 and £30,000 per person, a bargin I am sure you will agree.
        Cheers, Scotty.

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